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Do You Trust in My Great Mercy

When you choose to join your sacrifice to His, and His Sacred Heart to yours, God will abound your heart and soul with graces to envelop your whole being.

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Illumination of Conscience - Warning, St Michael Prayer Origin, Chaplet Chastisement Avert, 3rd Secret Verification, Satan's 100 yr. Power, Recognizing Evil Deception

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Illumination of Conscience:
Comming soon, Russia prophecy by our Lady

Recoginizing Evil Deception:
The devil's latest deception

Part of the Third Secret of Fatima:
Revealed by The Virgin twice (after the Church refused) and verified by Vatican exorcist who read it himself.

The Divine Mercy Chaplet first use:
Chastisement avert after God had already sent the Angel of Divine Wrath.

St. Michael Prayer origin:
Jesus gave Satan the power and the time to corrupt the Catholic Church in 1884.

A dozen other things that Catholics dont know.

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Prayer for a personal relationship with Jesus

Sign of the Cross:

In the name of the Father,
and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

( For the Greater Glory of God )

Lord, I know that you exist in my heart because I totally accept You as my savior. Your great love for all souls is immeasurable and your grace for us is only limited by our own acceptance of You. 

I, a humble sinner, recognize and acknowledge the great cross You endured for all mankind. We give You thanks for your great suffering and sacrifice by our prayers, works, love and praises to You almighty God.

I love You so, so much and totally accept your sacrifice for my sins that I wish to have a prayerful one-on-one personal relationship with You by expanding your loving presence to my whole body, especially my mind where Satan distorts my thoughts and tries to inflict fear, doubt and deception.

I humbly ask You my Lord to grant me full body presence of your love and grace to keep me in line with your will, to avoid sins of the mind and flesh and to foster a truly meaningful relationship with You. Let your healing graces cover my whole body and soul to allow me to fully adore and serve You.

Allow the Holy Spirit and my guardian angel to guide my every thought, through prayer and communion with You, as You walk with me daily. Grant me your infinite wisdom and courage and help me with every important decision I make throughout the day. You are my friend and companion and the ultimate personal consultant.

I humbly ask this of God the Father in virtue of Your most sorrowful passion. Have mercy on me, and on the whole world, especially poor sinners. Amen.

Sign of the Cross:

To the Father,
through the Son and
by the Holy Spirit. Amen.

( For the Greater Glory of God )

Prayer example by someone with a personal relationship with Jesus.

Guide me as You walk with me daily.
Let me always be aware of your presence.
Play and laugh with me.
Sing and dance with me.

Relieve the stresses of this world by
knowing that You are always with me.
Show me the beautiful world God created.
Help us to love others as You love us.
Share in my joy, give me hope.
Rejoice in my happiness.

Mend my sorrows with your presence.
Cry with me when I am sad.
Feel my pain as I feel yours.
 Protect me in my meekness,
Bless me in my humility,
for You are my forever friend.

In virtue of your sorrowful passion

have mercy on us, and on the whole world.

How to have a personal relationship with Jesus

To have a personal relationship with God and Jesus means having that prayerful communion with Him and trying to be aware of His presence throughout the day. Sounds easy enough, but we are too easily distracted by our own activities and agenda to remember to include Jesus in our daily lives.

You may have herd the term "Come to Jesus moment". This is usually caused by some life changing event that happens to some people that makes them realize that God is more important than their previous way of life.

It is sad that for most of us it takes a catastrophic event in our lives for us to realize that God is what really matters and we have been blind to His love and graces because we refused to be meek and humble and ask for forgiveness.

Meek and humble attributes are not what this world considers productive or successful.  Little old ladies and small children are considered meek and humble in todays world. And for the most part, today, little old ladies and small children are greatly favored by God.

Can we be meek and humble and still be successful? Sure we can.  All we have to do is diminish our pride in anything we accomplished that was not in line with Gods commandments and/or wasn't done for the "Glory of God".

If our past accomplishments were advanced by lies or deceit, based on greed, selfish desires for riches and pleasure, our sinful pride will be much harder to diminish. It almost requires us to loose everything we have accomplished in order to start anew with a focus on God instead of ourselves. Young adults need to keep this in mind. Focusing on God instead our worldly needs and wants will lead to holy pride which God will reward with abundance.  

Holy pride is one result of living that personal relationship with Jesus.  Being meek and humble toward God, yet very prideful of our relationship and walk with Jesus, as we live out our lives and perform good works in His name.