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Catholic interest is building for the impending
prophecies from the 1960's Garabandal
Virgin Mary 2000+ apparitions from 1961-65.

The Message of Garabandal
Church approval "pending" on the "Great Miracle"

The Last Act of God's Unfathomable Mercy
The "Illumination of Conscience"
Recognizing Evil Deception

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Beautiful Catholic Prayers
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( For the Greater Glory of God )
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The essential two minute prayer page.

Powerful Prayer - Simplicity, Humiliity & Trust

Morning / Daily Prayers

 Quick read "All-together prayers" format

10 minutes:   All-Plain  All-Colorful
15 minutes:   All-Plain   All-Colorful
20 minutes:   All-Plain   All-Colorful
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Full Individual Prayer List

Daily individual prayer Lists

 10 min.   15 min.   20 min.   30 min.   45 min.

Border, Beautiful Catholic Prayers

Interactive Prayers
Holy Rosary
The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy
Divine Mercy Novena Prayer

Daily Protection, Rebuke Prayers
St Joseph 1900 year old Protection Prayer
Rebuking Fear, Doubt and Distraction

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Holy Rosary & Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Rebuking Fear, Doubt and Distraction

Protection, Depression & Worry-Anxiety

Sick, Healing and Dying

Brievement, Grief & Loss

St. Anthony for Lost Items

Prayers for Employment

Novena to St. Cajetan for Employment

Prayers for Priests

Mass & Adoration

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Christian Persecution

Saints, Popes & Holy Souls

Night-Time and Childrens Prayers

Meal Time & Thanksgiving

St. Andrew Christmas Novena
     (Nov 30, Dec 16 - Dec 24)

A Christmas Novena (very short)
(Dec 16 - Dec 24)

The Shroud of Turin Details

Border, Beautiful Catholic Prayers

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Stations of the Cross

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