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Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Click for Resource Categories

  The Message of Garabandal  

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Marian Apparitions at Garabandal
gh   Glenn Hudson    
Religious Catholic believers unto their death:
St Padre Pio  •  St Pope Paul VI  •  St Pope John Paul II  •  Pope Benedict XVI
•  St Mother Teresa of Calcutta  •  Mother Angelica.

This page introduces people to the 2000+ Apparitions of Our Lady of Mount Carmel between 1961-1965 to four young girls ages 11 to 12, in San Sebastian de Garabandal Spain, a very small mountain community where the Rosary has been said nightly for over 500 years. Our Blessed Lady gave the girls a prophecy of three future supernatural events, occurring when communism returns and within Conchita's lifetime (who turned 75 in Feb 2024): The Warning (Illumination of Conscience), the Miracle and the Conditional Chastisement.
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by: Ricardo Montalbán


In 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three young shepherd children in Fátima Portugal, giving them three messages or "secrets". The main seer of Fátima, Lucia dos Santos, was instructed to deliver the third secret to the Pope in a letter to be revealed to the world in 1960. (see Fátima-Garabandal link)

By 1960, the Church leaders had not complied with Our Lady's instructions (The Third Secret of Fátima and the proper Consecration of Russia) and started making changes to the Catholic Church under the name Vatican II. The timing and content of the apparitions at Garabandal were a direct result of the changes happening inside the Catholic Church.

In 1961, The Virgin appeared at Garabandal and revealed part of the Third Secret herself. Mary said: "Less importance is being giving to the sacredness of the Holy Eucharist and many Cardinals, Bishops and Priests are on the road to perdition and taking many souls with them." At that time, the scandals and problems of priests in the church were not known, as well as the long-term ill effects of Vatican II.

The first commission sent to investigate the apparitions was fraudulent and not properly executed by the Bishops in charge. A previous apparition gone bad, Apparitions of Ezkioga, in the same general vicinity (during the Spanish Civil War where 13 bishops and over 4100 priests/seminarians were killed) tainted the authenticity of any apparitions to the Spanish bishops and priests. Later when the Virgin said that many cardinals and bishops where going to perdition (hell), the bishops definitely wanted to put an end to it.

The Church tried, but failed, to disprove the many supernatural apparition events, witnessed by thousands of people, and initially proclaimed the apparitions as "non-credible". This caused confusion and doubt among many who believed in Garabandal for decades, preventing the spread of the message. One exception was the venerated stigmatist and mystic, Padre Pio, who had his own mystical confirmation (from Our Lady) of the authenticity of the apparitions.

Today, we know why Mary said that many bishops and cardinals are going to perdition (hell). We have evidence of so many problems happening during that time; freemason infiltration, sex scandals, abuse of children & minors, cover up of bad priests and communion-in-the-hand ill effects which led to easy stealing of concentrated hosts for desecration and satanic evil worship. Even Pope Paul VI in 1972 said, "The smoke of Satan has entered the Church."

The apparitions at Garabandal were revealing some of these situations in real time before most knew about them. The seers and village people had a hard time believing the idea of bad Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, and horrific sinful practices. Mary said the killing of babies in the womb was causing the cup (of sins) to go from filling up to overflowing. Most people there, in 1965, could not fathom how a baby could be killed in the womb without harming the mother. Simple proof that things said by the girls were not their own ideas and often beyond the understanding of the whole village.

In 1966 and 1968, Conchita visited Pope Paul VI in Rome where he thanked Conchita with this quote, "Conchita, I bless you and with me the whole Church will bless you." Also telling her, "It is the most beautiful story of humanity since the days of Christ. It is like a second life of the Virgin on earth. And we can never be grateful enough for it." The Pope was given the future date of the Great Miracle, and until that date, the Church has choesn to be prudent and let the Miracle itself decide it.

The apparitions of Garabandal tell us we are entering the end of "The Times", NOT the end of time, but the end of an era before God intervenes for the world. The "Warning" will be painfully traumatic for all, especially those not prepared. Click Button below to see apparation details. Scroll down for short video from actor Ricardo Montalbán.

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Ricardo Montalbán about Garabandal
8:11 watch time

How can we learn more about
the Apparitions and the messages
given by the Virgin Mary ?

The Message of Garabandal Private Facebook Groups

Joey Lomangino and Glenn Hudson, both of New York, were very prominent promoters of the Garabandal Apparitions in the United States. Joey's story about his accident, his struggles, his faith and his association with Padre Pio and Conchita, the main visionary, is documented in the story of Garabandal.

When Joey first began to promote Garabandal in 1965, he carried a pasted photo scrapbook with braille captions which he showed to interested neighbors and church groups in Brooklyn and Long Island, New York. As the years passed, Joey’s conferences became more sophisticated incorporating slides or 16mm films on Garabandal, along with recollections of his conversion and healing through Padre Pio and the importance of the Garabandal Message for all mankind.

Joey later started the Garabandal Magazine, which led to the making of a video called “The Message of Garabandal”. He also appeared several times on American television on the “Mother Angelica LIVE” show, on EWTN. Glenn Hudson was Joey’s Director of Public Relations when Joey passed away in 2014. He had previously started the “The Message of Garabandal” private Facebook group in 2009, thus continuing in Joey’s apostolate footsteps to spread Mary’s messages through social media.

Glenn has been friends with the main Visionary, Conchita Gonzalez, since 1993, who also lives in New York. They remain in close contact, and occasionally, she releases brief statements through his page. She will also announce the "8 Day Notice" of the Miracle on his page and through social media.

Some of Glenn's Facebook group members have requested web page versions of his valuable information to share with others who do not use Facebook and for those who have not yet joined his group page. This web page, and associated links are a collection of some of Glenn's vast resources that can be shared by an email link, messenger or social media to people wanting to know more about the apparitions and future events.  
Click here for a Library of Information and Stories from Glenn's Resource Pages.
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The Story of Garabandal - Short Version
9:02 watch time

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