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 The Message of Garabandal 

gh   Glenn Hudson          (Click with Edge; Right click to read aloud)


This question comes up alot as to what that means, and usually needs clarification.

Conchita said that during The Warning,”They will find themselves all alone in the world no matter where they are at the time, alone with their conscience right before God. They will then see all their sins and what their sins have caused.”

What Conchita meant by "all sins " is that even though we have been completely forgiven for confessed sins, we do not comprehend how much and to what degree we offended God. Who of us can actually explain the gravity or disgust that God experiences, at our sins ? We have no idea how God sees these offenses! (how can we, we are human). If you think you know, than explain the difference between stealing & lying, as God sees it ? Can you ? NO ! So he must show us the gravity of sin and how it offends Him, and only then will we truly be repentant.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT FORGIVENESS, THIS IS NOT A PUNISHMENT, IT IS ABOUT GROWING IN KNOWLEDGE, AND A CORRECTION OF OUR CONSCIENCE. Everyone will see the wrong they have done and the good they have failed to do – what the Church calls “sins of omission.”

This is a great blessing! This is God’s last act of mercy for a chance at global repentance and salvation! Keep in mind another blessing also, that in the midst of our suffering of seeing our collective offenses, we will actually possess a small piece of God’s knowledge! Imagine that! Seeing as He sees, feeling as he feels, knowing what he knows about sin. WOW !

Last Update  Apr 12, 2024