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The Message of Garabandal
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Illumination of Conscience: The Last Act of God's Mercy

God's Unfathomable Mercy

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Illumination of Conscience:
Likely this decade, keep an eye on Russia

Recoginizing Evil Deception:
The devil's latest deception

Third Secret of Fatima:
Revealed by The Virgin twice (after the Church refused)
and verified by Vatican exorcist who read it himself.

The Divine Mercy Chaplet first use:
Chastisement avert after God had already sent the Angel of Divine Wrath.

St. Michael Prayer origin:
Jesus gave Satan the power and the time to corrupt the Catholic Church in 1884.

A dozen other things that Catholics dont know.

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God's Unfathomable Mercy

St. Faustina's diary and mission (for the END TIMES)
along with Marian prophecies, are the last acts of God's mercy.
Without this fulfillment, many would fall short of seeking His mercy.

God is making one last act of mercy for all the people of the world
(not just Catholics) who haven't recognized the need to seek His mercy.
Why is He doing this now?

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NO ads. NO solicitations. NO earthly motives. ONLY God.

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