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Beautiful Catholic Prayers
"Be inspired by the beauty,
but return for the Graces"

Most Popular

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Promises:  Divine Mercy Chaplet

Divine Mercy Novena & Chaplet Prayer

Children's Bedtime Prayers

The Essential Two Minute Prayer Page

St. Andrew Christmas Novena

Prayer for Healing of a Loved One/Friend

Prayer for Anxiety:
Prayer for my Son
Prayer for my Daughter
Prayer for Anxiety and Stress

Most Beautiful

Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory Be

Daily 10-Minute Beautiful

Daily Rebuke Fear, Doubt & Distraction

St Joseph 1900 year old Protection Prayer

Rebuke High Anxiety

St John the Baptist Stain Glass Windows

Holy Rosary - Luminous Mysteries

Most Beneficial

Divine Mercy Chaplet & Novena

Prayer for a personal relationship with Jesus

Holy Rosary - Sorrowful Mysteries

Holy Rosary - Joyful Mysteries

Holy Rosary - Glorious Mysteries

Divine Mercy Novena prayer

The Essential Two Minute Prayer Page


Most Unusual

St Patrick's Breastplate Prayer (original)

St Joseph 1900 year old Protection Prayer

Prayer of St. Benard to the shoulder wound of Jesus

Lorica of St Patrick (modified)

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