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Beautiful Catholic Prayers
(For the Greater Glory of God)

Our Blessed Lady of Mount Carmel
Why did God give Satan the power
and time to corrupt the Church?

Recoginizing Evil Deception

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Sacred Heart of Jesus with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Divine Mercy Image, blue and red rays This document is a shortened sub-set page from a more inclusive page called "The Last Act of God's Unfathomable Mercy".

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Pope Leo XIII Vision.

Why did God give Satan the power?

Unconditional love of the angels.

Lucifer deceives 1/3 of the angels.

Why didn't God just destroy Lucifer?

Evil deception causes loss of love for eternity.

The devil wins when we blame the Church.

The deception of information & distraction.

Recognizing and exposing evil.

The Far Left agenda.

Satan's Greatest deception, his human sacrifice.

The Thee Secrets of Fatima listed.

St Faustina Divine Mercy chastisement avert.             The Divine Mercy devotion is for the end-times (new page).

Why did God give Satan the power and time to corrupt the Church?

At first this doesn't make any sense. This can't be true. Why would God give Satan any power?

 The Bible tells us of the rise of evil, the Great Tribulation, the fall of the church, and the Book of Revelation. Jesus will defeat satan after giving him his time to corrupt the world. Very few Catholics know that Jesus gave satan the time and the power to try to destroy the Catholic Church (resulting in corruption at different levels). Pope Leo XIII, on October 13, 1884, during the end of the holy mass, was shown a vision of a conversation between Jesus and the devil. ( link) Satan asked for a 75-100 year time frame and more power over his followers to destroy the Church. Jesus allowed the request.

 Pope Leo XIII immediately wrote the long version “Prayer of St. Michael“ (local prayer link) for the protection of the church. The short version (local prayer link) was said at every mass after Holy Communion until it was removed by Vatican II around 1968. Why would the Vatican remove such a vital prayer that was part of the Vatican's own history? Likely, due to satan's infiltration into the Church and Vatican II. Pope Paul VI publicly said in 1972, "The smoke of satan has entered the Church." The start of the 100-year time frame is not exactly known, but most accounts point to Fatima’s last apparition with “The Miracle Dance of the Sun” on October 13, 1917, 33 years (Jesus’s lifespan) to the day after the Pope’s vision.

But for what possible reason would God do this?

God is pure Love, the greatest love in the universe. The highest and purest form of love is “unconditional” love, a love that is totally free to give as one chooses. God created a hierarchy of Angels and Archangels in Heaven before He created man. God gave the angels “freewill” to allow their love to be unconditional and holy. They can choose to love him or not. God’s pure love pours out of Him like a fountain, and the angels choose to return the love back to Him unconditionally, pure and holy.

Because of “freewill”, the angel Lucifer had a prideful-jealous episode and decided he wanted to be a God to be worshiped. He started talking to the lower angels about how they could be higher than they were. He told them lies and made promises about all the things he would give them. He likely told them if they followed him, he would make them "equal" to the higher angels or their own gods (same as told to Eve in the garden). When Lucifer had recruited approximately 1/3 of the angels, he quit loving God and decided to only love himself. The lower angels followed suit. God sent St. Michael the Archangel to throw them out of Heaven. Lucifer has been destroying souls ever since with lies and promises of "equality".

When Lucifer rejected God, he forfeited the holy bond between them and became evil. Lucifer also forfeited the love that God provides. Evil is the absence of God and love and this void is filled with hate and bitterness. The lower angels at first look like they were deceived by Lucifer but angles have the full knowelege of God and they choose to be evil on their own, according to Exorcists who have asked them this. Because humans don't have the full knowelege of God, we can be easily decieved, but we are given many chances to repent through God's mercy. The fallen angles never got a second chance and lost God's Love forever. This is the ugly consequence of freewill and evil deception - the total loss of love. Without God and Jesus Christ, there is no love beyond death. Knowing Jesus Christ is choosing everlasting love. Dismissing Christ is death and losing love for all eternity. The coming one-world religion Chris·lam, does not teach salvation through Jesus Christ, only by a wondrous God and Messiah. This is how Satan will deceive even the "elect", by miraculous signs and promises of stability, harmony, fairness and inclusiveness (equality once again). Non-believers always deceive themselves, the saints that have been shown visions of hell have said that the vast majority of souls in hell where those who refused to believe that hell existed.

God created the earth and populated it with men and women to share His love in place of the fallen angels. He threw Lucifer and his minions into hell, deep in the center of the earth. Why didn’t God just destroy or condemn them for eternity? God couldn’t because the good angels would start to love him out of fear for their own souls, making their love “conditional” and un-pure. God also needed to show the angels and the people of the earth, what evil truly looks like. Millions of people live today in sin without any motive to change. God has to unleash evil to wake people up to be able to change. In effect, unleashing and recognizing evil is part of God's Mercy for many souls. Recognizing evil is the first step in redemption as shown by the first secret of Fatima. God allowed Satan's power to expose evil to possibly save millions of souls, but those souls first have to recognize it.

The number of truly evil people in the world is small, e.g. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and others. They spread their hateful ideology and deception to hundreds of thousands of other souls through lies and propaganda (the media) that has ended in the death of millions of lives. The takeaway from this page is that true evil exists in short numbers, but evil deception is a blinding cancer, spread mainly by a corrupt media. Millions of souls could fall from God in the end, because they listened to people who lie (even knowing that they lie) because the lies fit their "desires" and "feelings" and they were blind to the evil motives behind the lies. As a consequence, they will end up losing God and His love for all eternity as 1/3 of the angels did. The good news is that many of these souls can be saved by spreading this message of God's Mercy to help people recognize evil.

God had a plan to deal with Lucifer, now called Satan, and his minions. His plan was to replace them with humble souls He created on earth (men and women). Souls that recognize evil and choose to lead good lives, over the temptations of the world, by loving thy neighbor while giving Glory to God. Satan tempts us all to sin. Sin is embedded in our human nature (original sin). Self-preservation leads to self-reliance which may lead to pride and self-absorbance (no need for God) especially in youth and the affluent. God doesn’t save us for NOT sinning (another Satan deception). God saves us for how we REACT to our sin. The Bible is full of accounts of sinners who were saved, but never states that the sinners never sinned again. We are saved when we recognize that Jesus lived and died for our sins, we swallow our pride and repent our failings with humility and a sincere heart. Doing this repeatably, will reduce the number of times we sin.

The Bible says that evil will someday enslave the world and God will need to step in to save us. When? Likely when most people start ignoring God, when all propaganda (media) is opposite of God’s teachings and when leaders and governments are lured into corruption by pride, egotism and money. Our Lady of Fatima said when comm·unism (Russia/China) spreads her errors all over the world, God would intervene. Comm·unism's return may be by force (military) or by economic, political anti-God ideology and control. Likely both.

God gave Satan the power to corrupt the church, to fulfill biblical prophecy, to expose evil and to test the faithful to see who will stay true to Him despite bad priests and confusing doctrine. God gave Satan the power during the 20th century, but also gave us the works and lives of the Saints and Marian apparitions during the same time period. In a world where money drives "everything"; Satan can easily corrupt "everything", money is the root of all evil. We need to pray for the pope, bishops and priests in spite of their failings. God is looking to see who will continue to pray and go to mass when the Vatican is clearly not what it should be.

Our prayers to God and our relationship with Christ do not go through the Vatican or the local priests. We interact with God one-on-one. The church failings do not prevent our personal relationship with Christ unless we allow it to. The power of the Sacraments are given directly to the local priests and bishops, not through the Cardinals or Vatican. We need the grace of the Eucharist and other sacraments now, more than ever, before religious persecution takes them away. The devil wants us to blame the fallible aspects of the church (freemason bad priests and church leaders who put "progressive ideas" ahead of "traditional holiness") and use it as an excuse to quit praying and going to mass. If we abandon or diminish our relationship with God because of the actions of fallible leadership, then the devil wins.

Satan's evil deceptions have claimed the loss of many human souls by the actions of the freewill and his influence over our desires. Decisions based on "how we feel" vs. "what is right" will allow Satan direct access to the process. This battle between our feelings and our upbringing is called our moral compass and each decision is a result of our compass direction. Decisions from the heart, where Christ resides, are more thought out while decisions from our feelings are more impulsive and highly susceptible to outside influence.

Evil's latest deception is a "deception of information & distraction" to make an informed decision. Nobody wants to be told what to do or how to act, so that leaves everyone with the requirement to do their own research before making decisions. But most don't want to do that either. With the lack of time to properly study a decision (evaluating the pros and cons of each side) due to distractions from entertainment, social media, games, apps and videos, most people end up getting their information from headlines and quick media sources that are biased either one way or the other. People are less likely to seek out opinions that contradict their own desires, therefore, the media can deceive massive amounts of people by only showing one side of the debate or phrasing headlines with "out of context" wording and selective statements. They know that most won't bother to look for any other counter perspectives. Do NOT assume headlines are truthful. The media used to be trustworthy but everything changed in 2011.

This was recognized in the 1940's and 50's and the Fairness Doctrine was enacted to: require licensed radio and television broadcasters to present fair and balanced coverage of controversial issues of interest to their communities, including by granting equal airtime to opposing positions. Later in the 1980's the cable and satellite television networks challenged the applicability of the doctrine to their industries. By 2011, under US democratic control (President Obama), ALL US requirements to ALL media sources, including local radio and news, had been removed by the FCC. Most would call this media manipulation for the benefit of one party. I call it evil deception.

Many liberal thinking people believe in God and go to church. They are good, loving people, but their progressive ideas make them more susceptible because evil disguises their control tactics as humanitarian interventions. Most liberals are concerned with making the world better with more compassion and helping the oppressed, which is very good, but what they have been sold is that the world should be fair, all-inclusive and more equal on all levels including income regardless of work ethic and motivation, thus eliminating natural social hierarchies. To do this you have to re-distribute wealth and resources from those who work to those who want "free stuff" and don't really want to work. Social·ism is not a better system for the people, its a better system for government that feeds off a growing population of "entitlement" hungry individuals. This mainly benefits government officials who are addicted to money, power and control for themselves with no regard to how it will affect the majority of people. It has never worked before (in other countries) and don't believe them when they say it hasn't been done correctly. There is a good reason why the Virgin Mary describes "social·ism and marx·ism as "comm·unism's errors" at Fatima. The left frames it as "making the rich pay their fair share" which is not true, because they know to actually make it work, the middle class would have to foot most of the bill (without the tax shelters used by the rich). Politicians are notorious for leaving details out that don't fit their agenda.

Socialist policy would greatly increase the number of individuals who could work but would choose to live off the free handouts instead, causing even more government dependency (this is exactly what left and the right corrupt estabolished goverment leaders want - more legislative power and control over lives). Social·ism isn't Godly and doesn't benefit a society overall, because it doesn't promote self-improvement, only economic stagnation, government dependency and greater homeless and crime problems. It is pushed by God-less leaders because it makes them rich and more powerful while demoralizing its people to rely solely on the government. Original sin prevents the world from being fair and equal. God allows unfairness on earth and will pay the debt of unfairness with graces on the last day (the first will be last and the last will be first).

Liberal ideas are beneficial in providing different points of view to problems that conservatives would never change on their own. This exchange of ideas and points of view are good in a society where the leader's priorities are working for the good of the country according to their oath of office. But when enough leaders (from both sides) become corrupt and start working for the good of themselves over the good of the country, then the devil and true evil can infiltrate them with greed, pride and money deals on the side. Most people still look at politics as conservative vs. liberal, old-school vs. new ideas, but when moral corruption takes over both sides, it becomes good vs. evil, unworkable and offensive to God.

"If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power." Dwight D. Eisenhower, speech delivered at the Fourth Annual Women's National Conference on 6 March 1956.

We know that evil decieves with lies. Lies and dishonesty have become normalized and accepted in politics and the media. Most people think lying is a valid way to get ahead in the world, and most do it without guilt. This is against God's ninth commandment and He won't let it continue to grow much longer. Lying is a serious sin when it is used to purposefully deceive others and used to advance ones position over others who are honest. If someone accepts the lies of a political party because the narrative fits their own ideas and they don't look for the motive behind the narrative, because they don't want to know or hear it, they are being deceived by the evil lies.

Slowly over time, true evil has come up with very diabolical deception plans and tactics (e.g. the book "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky, dedicated to Lucifer himself and Hillary Clinton's college master's thesis subject). These tactics are used by other corrupt souls who are only in it for themselves and the money to deceive liberal voters with ideas that seem progressive and more fair, but are designed to create hate and division (polarization according to Saul Alinsky) to achieve greater power and control. Division, hate and deception have always been the devil's primary tools.

To recognize evil in government, you have to look at the motive. If the motive is for the good of the country and the people they were hired to serve, then it is likely good. If the motive is self-serving for money (inside investing), power, control and votes, disguised as helping people (who are likely to vote for them) and fixing an ever-changing environment (by taxing everyone for their benefit), then it is evil. Why else would a government stop a border wall that was paid for, letting 4 million migrants into a country with minimal vetting for criminals, terrorists, disease, vaccine requirements, drugs and human trafficking. Paying migrants taxpayer money for housing, transportation and healthcare, and flying them to conservative states, in the middle of the night, where the left needs votes, all in the name of humanity. The migrants didn't flee war and oppression, they were invited by far-left policy. The left leaning voters turn a blind eye toward these things because they think the left fits their ideas and they don't believe evil is driving it. US congress tried to add amnesty into the infrastructure bill, which failed to pass, proving their motives were not humanitarian. This is more evil deception.

To destroy a Christian nation, evil has to remove God and the Ten Commandments from all schools and public places, corrupt the church to limit prayer, remove the history of Christianity and strong leaders, control the media, quit teaching patriotism, morals and compromise, flood the internet and entertainment industry with trashy click ads, filth and immoral content, indoctrinate the youth with hate/race/gender ideology, implement fear and control measures, enforce mandates, rig elections, pit groups of people against each other while creating economic suicide (debt and inflation) to let the country destroy itself, so they can pick up the pieces and rebuild it with their own full control. The US is now entering economic suicide with the Biden administration. They don't care because they want it to fail, but they need a conservative up-rise (riots or even peaceful protests) to pin the blame on them.

There are only a few things that can stop or slow this evil deception. By recognizing evil and evil deception (sharing this page and others like it), prayers said by the faithful, and the last step, divine intervention from God (The Warning and Miracle). If we wait for the last step, many countless souls will be lost due to our lack of praying and spreading God's Mercy during this time that evil is clearly being exposed.

Evil deception is easy to see if you are looking for it, but for those who don't want to think about it, or those who don't feel that finding the truth is important, it is almost invisible. Some examples:

  • Evil causes hate and bitterness. Hating and attacking someone's moral character because you disagree. Hating someone with a different ideology because they stand in the way of your ideology, violates God's greatest commandment. (It's ok to dislike or hate someone's policies, but they are exposed when they show true hate for a political adversary).
  • Racism is a form of hate. Evil advances hate by putting a racist spin on every possible story.
  • The left claims racism is the problem, but strangely never tries to heal relations, build bridges or smooth things over. They stoke the fire making heroes out of felons to create more hate & division.
  • Where are the government "unity" programs? The left and the media won't try to mend fences, promote unity or get people to come together, because they profit from hate, division and racism.
  • Evil hates the "truth" because truth is God's language and lies and deception is the devil's.
  • Evil labels truth as 'Conspiracy Theory' to try to shut down truth advancement.
  • Evil will try to bury and hide the truth, deflect or change the subject to prevent people from discovering it and revealing their motives and hypocrisy.
  • Evil will portray Bible teachings as myths or as outdated. (A Bible teaching is always eternal)
  • Evil continuously changes the rules to suit them; laws and terminology. (The definition of vaccine was recently changed from giving "immunity" to now only giving "protection" requiring repeated boosters.)
  • Evil wants to condemn what is "good" based on the failings of a few or single member with selective justification. (The US Founding Fathers were bad because some of them owned slaves). Did Judus condemn the Resurection? No, he was part of God's plan.
  • Evil accuses the good of doing what they are actually doing. (Saul Alinsky rule of "Projection").
  • Evil lies and makes promises that can't be kept without taking from other groups.
  • Evil appears to only vilify the rich but actually need the middle class money and taxes (Socialism).
  • Evil wants criminals out of jail to be able to vote without regard to the impact of the safety of communities. (80-90% of criminals vote left).
  • Evil promises equality to lower groups, in exchange for votes and more power (As Lucifer did).
  • Evil tries to eliminate gender because God created men and women different with separate roles.
  • Evil never credits God, defends Christianity or promotes love of neighbor, unless it benefits them.
  • Evil advances hate, division and fear for their control. (Saul Alinsky rule of "Polarization").

The vaccine "mandate" was a source of more division as most saw it as a violation of personal freedom. It is a "gateway" compliance structure ( link how covid-19 could be a precusor to other biblical things ) for future mandates (mark of the beast??): comply and obey or be terminated (classic comm·unism/marx·ism). The majority of holdouts are Christian conservatives. Why would the left want conservatives to stay alive and healthy? Because it is all about future control. Government employees are required to take the shot or be terminated. How better to purge the conservative employees from the US 14.2 million goverment workers to prevent any future whistle blowers. Taking the vaccine should be a choice, same as a flu shot. A federal mandate is an obvious fear, control and division tactic. They don't care about personal freedom because their control is opposite of your freedom. Their justification is saving lives and preventing suffering, but God is in charge of when we die and how much we suffer in this life. Evil doesn't want us to suffer, for through suffering we grow closer to God. Certain groups were exempt from the mandate, creating even more unfair feelings and division. If the mandate takes two-three years to get to the Supreme Court, the left gets years of more division and control. They don't pay the court costs, the taxpayer does. This is "deep-state" Evil Deception.

US leaders owe China (comm·unism) 1.1 trillion dollars of foreign debt as of January 2021. They chose to borrow instead of raising taxes because taxes are unpopular with voters. Now they just print money to fund bills full of special interest (pork) payouts to their doners and lobbiests and other money to intice voters of certain groups. Inflation was always a deterant to printing large sums of money, but when you are trying to make people more dependant on the government, and the media will cover your tracks, some financial suffering is good and lets them come in later to claim they have fixed it when they actually caused it. Politicians are more worried about themselves and their jobs (greed, prideful and self-serving) then they are about the people (country, neighbor, God-serving). Why dont you ever see rich polititions retiring? Because they are addicted to power and the "inside information" they have to make lucrative market investments. I'm not saying politicians are evil, but many Democrat and Republican leaders are severely corrupt because their desires (money and power) are not in line with God's commandments.

Comm·unism 's errors (anti-God attitudes with self-serving interests) have already infiltrated the family unit, academia, the media, the entertainment industry, the internet and most political leaders with the intent to create self-centered attitudes, hate and division between different classes of people. They promote evil and anything that is NOT of God.

Satan's greatest deception, his human sacrifice: (in popup window)

From the time of Pope Leo XIII vision, the Saints and Marian apparitions have warned us of a pending, sometimes conditional, chastisement if man does not mend his ways. The most famous apparition was in Fatima, Portugal in 1917, that ended with the Miracle Dance of the Sun, witnessed by 70,000. There were 3 messages (secrets) of Fatima.

  1. The existence of hell and Satan (evil).
  2. The request for the Concentration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Prayers for the Reparation of sinners to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  3.  Portugal will always hold the dogma of the faith. ....[The last half of the third secret not fully disclosed by the church].

According to the website, the [second half] of the third secret, or parts of it, were revealed by Marian apparitions, Akita among others and was verified by Vatican Exorcist Father Malachi Martin. Father Malachi Martin read the actual third secret himself according to See (Third Secret) pop-up. or last two paragraphs of link below.

Pope John Paul II Gives Us the Key - Part One - Fatima

Akita is a recent Church Approved apparition occurring from 1973 to 1981 to a deaf nun named sister Agnes in Akita Japan. When the church failed to reveal the full third secret of Fatima in 1960, Mary also appeared at Akita in 1973, after Garabandal. On October 13, 1973 (exactly 56 years after the last apparition of Fatima: same day of the year, both on Sunday and both with public witnessed Miracles) the Virgin talked about the corruption of the church from within (Part of the third secret) and the conditional chastisement. "As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity.....The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me (Mary) will be scorned and opposed by their confreres...churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord." See Akita message of Oct 13, 1973 pop-up. and EWTN source link below.

A Message From Our Lady - Akita, Japan - EWTN

The "corruption of the church" has been ongoing since the 1940-50's and the conditional chastisement is dependent on man's reaction to the upcoming "Illumination of Conscience - Warning" and "Great Miracle". The Warning is the Last Act of God's Unfathomable Mercy, before the end of this era, because it will prove that God exists and show everyone their failings, so the world can change. This is likely to happen soon when things get a lot worse than they are now.

The Message of October 13th: Random Facts about Fatima and Akita Side-by-Side

During the 60's the chastisement was "conditional" to man's sins.
Due to worsening sins, the chastisement is no longer preventable,
but prayers, good works and mankind's reaction to the Miracle will still
lessen the chastisement. What chastisement prevention/mitigation
prayers has God given us in history?

 The greatest document of God's Mercy is: "Divine Mercy in My Soul" by St. Faustina Kowalska. Her diary gives us many clues. St. Faustina alone prevented the destruction of the most beautiful city in Poland by uniting herself in prayer to the sacrifice of Jesus during the entire mass for SEVEN (7) straight days (Diary 39) pop-up. This was before Jesus taught her the Chaplet.

  Later, she held off the wrath of God again, by saying the words of the Divine Mercy Chaplet ONCE, for the very first time, at the throne of God, after God had already sent the Angel to destroy the City. (Diary 474-476). What does that tell us about this prayer?

Diary 474-476

Diary 474-476

  Many times after, Jesus told her, "Through this chaplet (local prayer link) you will obtain everything, if what you ask for is compatible with my will" (Diary 1128 & 1731) pop-up. Let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy, it is a sign for the end-times (Diary 848) pop-up. Why was this written in her diary? Don't you think that Jesus had it recorded for humanity to "possibly" use in the future? Can the prayers Jesus gave to St. Faustina be a chastisement prevention method for the end-times, along with the Rosary, good lives, penance and sacrifices requested by Mary? St. Faustina's mission continues after her death, her mission and message were for the "END TIMES". If one sister alone can save an entire city, what can 1,000's of advocates of the Virgin saying The Chaplet and The Holy Rosary, (with chastisement mitigation intentions) in union with masses said throughout the world, with all the saints in the Celestial Court in Heaven, do to help lessen the future chastisement. How much would that please The Father, Jesus and Mary? Using the prayers that Jesus Himself gave us.

  The Divine Mercy Chaplet and Novena are what I call double edged prayers. The promises given to us by Jesus work on both sides. The one promise of "Through this Chaplet, you will obtain everything, if it is compatible with my will" is for a positive reaction to the Warning and Miracle. The other promise of "This chaplet appeases the wrath of God" implies that even if man's reaction is not positive enough, God may still spare us through the proper and timely prayers said by the faithful. Any way you look at it, the faithful is left with the possible opportunity to improve the future of the world.

 We need to take advantage of the prayers given to us by Jesus Himself. Using prayers with specific-targeted prayer intentions worded to multiply graces and enhance effectiveness to help prevent or lessen any chastisement by God.

   How important is praying for, and spreading God's Mercy? You may have heard of the book of life that God keeps for those who have a place in Heaven. God also keeps a book of mercy advocates, written in blood, of those who have glorified His Mercy. (Diary 689.) pop-up. St Faustina was also given a great privilege, telling her to "distribute graces as you will, to whom you will and when you will." (Diary 31.) pop-up. Another promise of spreading God's Mercy. "Souls who spread the honor of My mercy I shield through their entire lives as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for them, but the Merciful Savior." (Diary 1075.) pop-up. Are you going to help St. Faustina spread His Mercy by sharing? Don't let the devil deprive you of these promised graces.

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References: Church Approved Aparitions.

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