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Beautiful Catholic Prayers
(For the Greater Glory of God)

 The Message of Garabandal 

The Visionaries (seers)
Conchita's Pandamic Message

Conchita: "Live The Messages ! "

Conchita's Age

Why didn't Conchita become a nun after the Apparations ?

The Girls hold Mary's crown!

Conchita & Mari Loli - Humility

Jacinta learns to "Honor thy Father and Mother"

Conchita's House is now a museum (pdf story)


 Conchita González - 1:52 

 Jacinta González - 0:52 

 María (Loli) Dolores Mazón - 1:02 

 Mari Cruz González - 0:33 

 Conchita - After the Visions - 36:19 watch time 
 Conchita with family living in NY during the early 1980's. 
 Use closed captions to help follow her words. 
 Remember that the Virgin protects these seers by selective memory, 
 even to the point of complete loss of memory. She told them this would happen. 

 Color Video - Seers Normal Life part1- 6:37 watch time 

 Color Video - Seers Normal Life part2- 8:30 watch time 

Last Update  Dec 4, 2021