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Beautiful Catholic Prayers
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 The Message of Garabandal 
 Inside view of the Church at Garabandal 

The Messages

The Blessed Mother's 2 Main Messages of Garabandal

Conchita: "Live The Messages ! "

Morning Offering of Reparation

Are Your Hands Empty ?

Conchita’s Pandemic Message

8 Day Notice of the Miricle

An Abandoned message

On October 18th the first message in Garabandal was made public.
What does this message say to us? Are we going to respond to it?

I, your Mother

On June 18, 1965, the Virgin Mary gave us the second message of Garabandal
through St. Michael the Archangel. What exactly does her message tell us?
May we take the time to remember her words and let them penetrate our hearts,
responding to her loving plea without failing to heed her words.

Last Update  Nov 18, 2021