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I prayed my mother into purgatory through prayers to my guardian angel and the
Divine Mercy Chaplet.

In June 2014, my 81 year old mother was hospitalized with a blood clot in her lung. She had been a heavy smoker till about age 60.  The x-rays confirmed the blood clot and also revealed significant lung scaring from years of smoking.  She was treated with blood thinners to dissolve the blood clot, but from that point on, she needed supplemental oxygen during any physical activity. She struggled with breathing and mobility issues living at home by herself, until the spring of 2015 when her anxiety and confusion were getting worse. She agreed to move to an assisted living nursing home in May 2015.

During the winter of 2014, I was trying to help her with her spiritual growth. She was a life-long Catholic, choir member and regular Sunday mass participant. She didn't go to confession each year like she should, and she said she hadn't been to confession for 5-6 years.  The idea of going to confession seemed to scared her so much, I was worried that it may have been more like 10 years since she had gone. We tried to get her to go, but even with oxygen, just getting into church was very tiring for her. We asked her about having a private confession and she would say maybe later after we get the new priest. She told me she needed a faith building book to read, which indicated to me that she was struggling with her spiritual doubt. Satan is the master at slowly infiltrating our minds with spiritual doubt over time when we don't go to confession or say daily prayers to rebuke him, even though we may be going to weekly mass. I diminished some of her doubt by reminding her about the three physical mysteries we have today that confirm that Jesus lived and died for us. I showed her images of some of the incorrupt bodies of saints who don't decay.  Pictures of priests and people who bear the marking of Christ's crucification, "The Stigmata". And thirdly, the Shroud of Turin, believed to be the actual burial cloth of Jesus. She asked why these things weren't shown and taught to Catholics more to help confirm their faith. 

I gave her a faith building book called "Struck by Lightning, Death, Judgment and Conversion" about Gloria Polo, a South American woman who was struck and killed and went to Purgatory to be judged by Jesus only to come back to earth to be miraculously cured of her burned legs and organs. (See reviews) (Amazon) Jesus showed and revealed to Gloria, her sinful lifestyle, even though she was thought of as a good Catholic. Jesus sent her back to earth to proclaim to others how today's lifestyles and our "worldly" ambitions and influences are not pleasing to God. She now travels around to schools and groups in different countries and gives lectures to teach others about God's message for us.

Mom read about 1/3 of the book up to the point of Purgatory and Jesus's judgment on Gloria. The thought of people suffering in Purgatory and Hell for their sins frightened her and she couldn't read the rest of the book. She expressed a sense of guilt about her own life that made her afraid to find out what might happen to her after her death. I feel her guilt about not going to confession for a long time was also a big part of her fear. Since I couldn't convince her to go to confession, I knew she needed to pray more often or read the bible more before she died. Her impatiens and confusion was too bad for her to get any faith building from reading the Bible, so I compiled a set of easy prayers that I could print off for her and added beautiful images to make them more appealing. I then put them into a single web-page format, so she could read them in beautiful full-color format on her e-reader tablet. While searching for more prayers for her page, I found some information on the Divine Mercy Novena/Chaplet and the Divine Mercy Image of Jesus. I had seen the Image before but didn't know the true meaning or the origin involving St. Faustina. The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy was said by my family as a safe travel prayer, not as a prayer for sinners to gain graces of mercy from Jesus at the time of judgment. The Chaplet now had a new and important meaning for me and my mother.  

I started expanding moms prayer page(s) to include the Divine Mercy Image and information on the Novena/Chaplet on the prayer site. By September, I had expanded the prayer site to over 100 pages of prayers for different needs.  I had been using the "CD", "You-Tube" & "MP3" Divine Mercy Chaplet prayers, but they didn't carry the same meaning for me as saying (reading) the chaplet on my own. The week before mom died, I added an Interactive Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer to her prayer site and I was saying the chaplet ever day between 3 and 4 o'-clock the week that mom died. On the Saturday that she passed, we drove out of town to do some shopping.  We pray a rosary (on CD) in the car for safe travel as we always do. It was 3:05 when we finished the rosary, so I said we need to say the chaplet now instead of saying it on the way home as we normally would do. So we said the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:05. On the way home about 9:55pm, my sister called and said that mom was found unresponsive and the ambulance was taking her to the hospital. We called a family friend and our priest and asked them to meet us at the hospital. I told my wife to get the CD back out so we could say another Chaplet for mom.

The promises made by Jesus to Sister Faustina say that when a soul says the Divine Mercy Chaplet or the Chaplet is said in the presence of a dying soul, Jesus will stand between the Father and the dying sinner at the time of final judgment and pour out graces from his infinite mercy to those who "Trust" in Him. Those who "Trust in his Mercy" will not perish in Hell, even if their soul is stained with mortal sin.  My mother had said the Chaplet with us during travels and I said the Chaplet for her many times during her last weeks and days. Technically, we didn't say the Chaplet in the "presence" of my dying mother, as Jesus described to St. Faustina, but I had previously set up a prayer communication channel between my guardian angle and her guardian angle, since I knew that I couldn't be with her at all times. I wrote and prayed this prayer for advanced angle involvement in our lives, every day for about five months prior to her death. I also printed out a copy of this prayer to one's guardian angle for a happy hour of death, that she had near her table at the time of her death.

If you have a loved one, at or near the end of their life, that does not go to confession like they should, Pray the Chaplet for them and yourself, and encourage them to pray it also. Six minutes per day, CD audio in the car, however you can say it. It can make a difference.

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