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DailyCatholic Prayersto fityour schedule with beautiful inspirational backgrounds and images. Noads, No distractions.


When my 82 year old mother was moved into a nursing home, she needed asimpler, easier way to say her daily prayers. She and I were mostlyusing prayer books, online prayer resources, or smartphone apps toaccess ourprayers.  None of these were easy enough for her to navigatedueto her confusion, anxiety and impatients. She only had an e-readertablet that was easily accessible from her reading chair.  Icreated a single page prayer web site for her to say her prayers quickand easily.  I made it mobile-friendly and very colorful andinspiring.  After making it, I made one for my own needs.Prayersthatwere taking me 40 minutes to read (hunt and choose and click betweeneach prayer) was reduced to about 30-33 minutes with my all togetherformat.  The Holy Spirit enlightened me to expand myprayerpages into a “Beautiful Catholic Prayers”sitefor other Christians and Catholics to use to grow their faith in Christ.


Thepurpose of this website is to provide to Christians and Catholicindividuals the resources of beautiful, inspirationaldaily prayers that are grouped together and organized in a convient,accessible, versatileformat.Users with smartphoneswill find the prayers very convenient and accessible at any timethroughout the day. Theprayers are meant to fosterthe building of spiritual faith, providespiritual healing for self and "loved ones"andto offer relief from fear, doubt, distraction, depression andanxiety.

Thiswebsite was created by an individual entity without direction from anychurch denomination or any Catholic affiliated organization.

Original written prayers by the author, denoted by bold blue text, havenot yet been approved by the Catholic Church.

The images from St. John the Baptist Catholic Church arenot anindication of Catholic Church approval of author'spersonal prayers and content.

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