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Beautiful Catholic Prayers
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Why did God give Satan
the power and time
to corrupt the Church?
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Why did God give Satan the power and time to corrupt the Church?

At first this doesn't make any sense. This can't be true. Why would God give Satan any power?

God is pure Love, the highest form of Love in the universe. God created the angles and the archangels in Heaven before He created man. The highest and purest form of love is “unconditional” love. A love that is totally free to give as one chooses. God gave the angles “free will” to make their love unconditional. They can choose to love him or not. God chooses to love the angles and the angles can choose to love Him back. God’s pure love pours out of Him like a fountain and the angels return the love back to Him unconditionally pure and holy.

Because of “free will”, the angle Lucifer had a prideful, jealous episode and decided he wanted to be a God to be worshiped. He started talking to the lower angles about how they could be higher than they were. He told them lies and made promises about all the things he would do for them. He likely told them if they served him, he would make them like the archangels. When Lucifer had deceived approximately 1/3 of the angles, he quit loving God and decided to only love himself. The lower angles followed suit. God sent St. Michael the archangel to throw them out of Heaven. Satan has been deceiving souls ever since.

God created the earth and populated it with men and women to share his love in place of the fallen angles. He threw Lucifer and his minions into hell, deep in the center of the earth. Why didn’t God just destroy them? God couldn’t destroy Lucifer, and his minions, because the good angels would start to love him out of fear for their own souls, making their love “conditional” and un-pure. God does not use fear tactics because He is the God of love. Evil uses fear, hate and division to control and destroy souls.

God had a plan to deal with Lucifer, now called Satan, and his minions. His plan was to replace them with humble souls He created on earth (men and women). Souls that recognize evil and choose to lead good lives by loving thy neighbor while giving God glory. Satan temps us all to sin. Sin is imbedded in our human nature (original sin). Self-preservation leads to self-reliance which may lead to pride and self-absorbance (no need for God) especially in youth and the affluent. God doesn’t save us for NOT sinning (Satan wants us to think this, because it is impossible to not sin). God saves us for how we REACT to our sin, the bible is full of accounts of sinners who were saved, but never states that the sinners never sinned again. (Satan wants you to think they were saved because they stopped sinning all-together). Not true. We are saved when we recognize that Jesus lived and died for our sins, we swallow our pride and repent our failings with humility and a sincere heart. Doing this repeatably, will reduce the number of times we sin.

Satan’s deceptions have claimed the lives of many human souls by the actions of our free will. Evil deception is easy to see if you are looking for it but for those who don't believe in evil, or seek the truth, it is almost invisible. Some examples: Evil will portray most of God’s teaching as myths or as outdated. A biblical teaching is always eternal and never changes. Evil continuously changes the rules (laws) to suit them. Evil will label truth as conspiracy, because they cannot disprove it. Evil will try to bury and hide the truth, deflect or change the subject to prevent people from discovering the truth and revealing their motives and hypocrisy. Evil lies and makes promises that can’t be kept, or that benefit only one group of people, in exchange for power and control. Evil never gives credit to God, never defends Christianity and never promotes love of neighbor. Evil advances hate and division for their control.

Satan's greatest evil & deception: (in popup window)

The bible says that evil will someday enslave the world and God will need to step in to save us. When? Likely when most people start ignoring God, when all propaganda (media) is opposite of God’s teachings and when leaders and governments are lured into corruption by pride, egotism and money. Our Lady of Garabandal said when Communism (Russia/China) returns and spreads her errors all over the world, God would intervein. This may be by force (military) or by economic, political anti-God ideology and control. Likely both.

God gave Satan the power to corrupt the church, to fulfill bible prophesies, to test the faithful to see who will stay true to God despite bad priests and confusing church doctrine. God gave Satan the power during the 20th century, but also gave us the works and lives of the Saints and Marian Apparitions during the same time period. So, who do you trust? The answer is God, of course. Who is closer to God, the church or the Virgin Mary? In today's climate, trusting anything "of the world" aside from a trusted priest or individual, deserves some caution.

From the time of Pope Leo XIII vision, the Marian Apparitions have warned us of a pending, sometimes conditional, chastisement if man does not mend his ways. The most famous apparition was in Fatima, Portugal in 1917, that ended with the Miracle Dance of the Sun, witnessed by 70,000. There were 3 messages (secrets) of Fatima.

Details of the Fatima messages - secrets. (local page)

  1. The existence of Hell and Satan.
  2. The request of the Concentration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and prayers for the Reparation of sinners.
  3.  Portugal will always hold the dogma of the faith etc.......[The corruption of the Catholic Church from within].

The [second half] of the third secret was verified by the Virgin Mary at Garabandal and by Father Malachi Martin (below).

Garabandal is the continuation of Fatima. When the church failed to reveal the third secret in 1960, She appeared at Garabandal in 1961 and revealed it herself. “many cardinals, bishops, and priests are on the road to perdition and taking many souls with them.” This was verified by Father Malachi Martin who read the actual third secret himself. See last two paragraphs of link below.

Pope John Paul II Gives Us the Key - Part One - Fatima


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