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Beautiful Catholic Prayers
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 The Message of Garabandal 

My start with Joey & Garabandal
gh   Glenn Hudson          (Click with Edge; Right click to read aloud)

I first heard about Garabandal through an Aunt of mine Angelina Glass, who lived in Lindenhurst, NY and was in the same Parish as Joey Lomangino ( Our Lady of Perpetual Help ). She was having Joey over to her house to do a talk about Garabandal and also a chance to see and venerate the medal Joey had that was kissed by the Blessed Mother. The reason I was there as about a 13year old was I had a bone marrow disease in my legs. My Grandmother ( who was truly a living saint ) was praying for my miraculous healing, was a huge believer in Padre Pio, and I heard he was connected to and approved this apparition apostolate.

I listened to Joey and kissed the medal (which the Blessed Mother kissed at Garabandal ).

Two weeks later, after another x-ray, astonished doctors, said the disease was completely gone ! So I was certainly surprised and grateful to my Grandmother for her prayers to Padre Pio ( never really understand the meaning of kissing the medal at that time as a boy.)
20 years later, a friend ( Peter ) asked me to go to a talk by some blind guy in Lindenhurst, who had a link to the Blessed Mother and an apparition and Padre Pio. I figured, my family always had a devotion to Mary and Padre Pio, so why not ? Well to my surprise I walked in and see this blind guy ( Joey ) and I’m shocked because I remember seeing him 20 years earlier ! He's got a face you can't forget .

After the meeting at the NY Center, I offered to help out making rosaries, and doing mailings of the video ( at that time ,and later the DVD ). After working with Joey daily at the NY Center for some time, he saw I was not a shy person ,lol, and so he asked me to be the Public Relations Director, which was a huge honor, and I gladly excepted. I mainly concentrated on doing talks and showing the video, and answering questions afterwards at any place or church that would have me. Heaven somehow implanted the idea in my empty head to try and get the video on tv. After all the major networks turned me down, I targeted Mother Angelica's EWTN live show. I called and wrote the President Bill Steltemier for 6 months straight relentlessly ! He finally caved in, probably figured it was easier to put Joey on one time and get rid of me for good, lol. Well, that show was the highest rated show they ever had  and Joey & Mother Angelica had such good chemistry, we were asked back again, and again. That show caused the video to explode in the USA.

I went to Joey ( and Conchita ) back in 2009 with the idea to bring the Message of Garabandal, here to facebook, since it had a global audience. Both happily agreed, with some rules and that's how this page started.

I truly am blessed to have known Joey, his family & Conchita and her family.

Genn & Joey

Last Update  Aug 9, 2022